Process Improvement

Building “Best of Breed” Processes

Six Sigma/DMAIC. LSS. CMMI. ITIL. Process improvement can be a confusing alphabet soup. Instead of following dogma, we focus on what will help you the most right now. Maybe your ultimate goal is a complex value stream map or FMEA, but you are worried about overwhelming your team. Our approach is to start with simple tools, build confidence, form effective improvement teams, and then—only when the organization and the team are both ready—tackle the tougher improvement activities.

Sandra hiked across the Grand Canyon, and she didn’t jump off the couch one day and hike the next. It’s a long training process to get ready for what’s essentially a marathon with a 10,500-foot elevation change. Your organization is the same way. Getting from your comfortable couch of current processes to a truly fit organization is a training process, where you start with small steps, celebrate early wins, and build strengths without injuring current productivity.

For several years, Sandra was a certified instructor for Motorola’s Six Sigma program, teaching a series of courses from basic improvement concepts through complex design and analysis, along with teambuilding and process change. She has led IT organizations through process improvement and change management, with a focus on SDLC definition and improvement.

She led a program to build a “Best of Breed SDLC” for a large IT organization with multiple SDLC approaches. The different legacy organizations had an almost religious fervor about one improvement approach or another, and Sandra successfully led the program and change management efforts to move to a single global SDLC.

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