Technical Content Development

De-Geeking IT

Have you have ever read a software manual or technical paper and come away more confused?  If so, then you have experienced the biggest challenge with technical content.

Many programmers want to showcase their use of features and leading-edge tools. You want to learn just enough to do your daily activities. Your goal isn’t to learn a programming language, but to do your job.

Balancing accuracy about technical features while providing a practical focus on how to use IT tools requires a writer who speaks both languages. Sandra has written customer-facing and internal materials for many projects, including:

  • SOPs for IT organizations and CROs
  • Custom user guides and training courses for JMP software. All used client data and focused on specific tasks for data managers, statisticians, and clinicians.
  • Customer-facing materials for digital identity, including user guides, fact sheets, and case studies.
  • Ghost-written technical white papers for multiple organizations.
  • Software videos, with or without voiceover, for digital identity and digital signature tools.

Visit the Publications page for examples of publicly-available technical content.